Safety catcher

Application field:The product is suitable for the safety protection when the crane is lifted to prevent the workpiece from being accidentally dropped. It can effectively protect the life safety of the ground operators and the damage of the workpiece. High-altitude operations such as ships, communications, pharmaceuticals, bridges, etc. This product is only a part of the system. The fall prevention systems are: vertical life system and horizontal life system. Horizontal life systems are widely used.
Product features:
1) High strength, wear resistance and durability;
2) Resistance to mildew, acid and alkali;
3) Simple and light, safe and applicable;
4) The key parts have been specially treated for wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and have been rigorously debugged, it doesn’t need to add lubricants;
5) Easy to use, no need to change the suspension point within the radius of use;
6) Adopting the original "double locking device" structure, the locking is stable, the safety factor is high, the reliability is good, and the accident caused by the excessive swing of the tilting operation and other objects is effectively solved;
7) The shell is made of aluminum alloy, which is light and does not age;
8) The safety rope is selected from aviation wire rope.

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