Where is the shaking problem in chain block?

When lifting products, shaking is very taboo. Especially for some manual products, shaking phenomenon often occurs. For example, in our home-made chain block, we all know that shaking is not good, but we just don't know where the problem is. 1. When chain block is overloaded, especially when it is raised to a certain height, it is easy for slight shaking to occur, especially for chains, which will cause great pressure. 2. Cracks or damage to some links in the chain will lead to imbalance and left-right shaking during product lifting. 3. In the process of pulling, the operator moves faster and slower, and the strength used is also larger and smaller or sudden stop occurs, which will lead to unstable up and down operation and shaking of the chain block. 4. There is also the fact that the goods are not directly below the lower hook, and the goods are obliquely below the hook, which will cause the chain to shake in the direction of chain block during the lifting process. The above chain block shaking is mainly 1 and 3. These two kinds of errors are very easy for operators to make. Operators should avoid such errors as far as possible.