HSZ Chain Hoist

Application field:Chain hoist is mainly used in factories, mines, construction sites, wharf, docks, warehouses and other places, used in installing of machinery,lifting,loading and unloading in the warehouse,especially suitable to be used in the open air and the place without power source.
1) The body is made of high-strength structural steel;
2) Adopting Grade 80 lifting chain, treated with blackening or galvanizing, with high strength and corrosion resistance;
3) It can meet the weight of 150% of the Rated load;
4) All are gear transmission, there are bearings or bushings on the rotation of gears and shafts, which are safe, reliable and durable;
5) Good performance and easy maintenance;
6) Small size, light weight, easy to carry;
7) Less hand-pull force and high efficiency;
8) Compact structure, the surface is through Spray treatment, and the appearance is beautiful.
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