Safe Operation Rules for Truck

(1) when loading, put the heavy objects below and the light ones above. (2) When loading the truck, it should be placed firmly to prevent the goods from swaying or sliding down during pushing. (3) the height of the shipping objects should be appropriate, don't block the cart people's line of sight, so that it can clearly see the front. (4) cart after loading goods, never allowed to walk backwards. ⑤ When pushing a cart, control the height of the handlebars and keep the balance of the cart. ⑥ When going downhill, make the car walk in front of people; When going uphill, make the car go behind people. All landowners cart to master the speed, are not allowed to run, to keep stable. ⑧ Carts with solid rubber tires falling off are strictly prohibited. Because iron wheels directly rub and impact with the ground, sparks are easily generated, which is a potential accident hazard for dangerous goods operations. At the same time, it is easy to damage the road surface or the ground, making driving laborious and unstable. ⑨ In order to prevent sparks from friction with the ground, vehicles or product packaging when forking goods, the pallet or fork teeth of the trolley shall be equipped with brass sleeve, otherwise it shall not be used.
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