Application Characteristics and Analysis of Hoisting Chain Rigging

Chain rigging is widely used in shipbuilding, equipment manufacturing, storage and transportation of steel structures and other industries, with a wide range of applications, with high safety factor, small elastic deformation, not easy to distort deformation, convenient storage, safe and reliable characteristics. In hoisting operation, it has the same function as steel wire rope, especially in medium and small tonnage hoisting operation, it is more durable and convenient than steel wire rope. During binding and hoisting, the steel wire rope is easy to roll under the condition of small curvature radius, forming dead bends, which is very inconvenient to use. In addition, the sharp-edged sharp-angled strands of the steel wire rope are easy to break, and hidden dangers are prominent, while the chain does not have this problem in use. From the perspective of economic benefits, the price of hoisting chain and wire rope of the same tonnage and form is about 10% higher than that of wire rope, but under normal use, the service life of chain rigging is 3 times that of wire rope rigging.